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Agro Empire Ltd. was birthed from the Kosmos Innovation Center in 2022. Formally founded on 7th June, 2022, it became fully registered on 30th October, 2022.

The founders, having participated in the KIC Agritech Challenge Classic identified a similar purpose and pursued it till today. The founders went through a mill of activities from the Kosmos Innovation Center Classic which shaped their thoughts and hearts about entrepreneurship and the Agriculture Value Chain. Agro Empire Ltd. was among the 15 teams among over 100 teams across Ghana that qualified to the KIC Agritech Pro on 22nd October, 2022 to contest for seed funding. We became successfully after proofing much traction in what we had purposed to do.

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Who we are

 At Agro Empire, we are leaders in sustainable farming practices, specializing in the cultivation of high-quality vegetables and the production of premium-grade snails. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture and climate-smart techniques ensures that our operations not only yield exceptional products but also contribute positively to the environment and local communities. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to the snail value chain, from breeding and rearing to processing and distribution, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability every step of the way. With a focus on innovation, empathy, and environmental responsibility, we strive to be leaders in the agricultural industry, providing nutritious food options while safeguarding the planet for future generations.

The eco-inclusive nature of our business activities gives us a fulfillment of being responsible to the environment and society.


Free Range and Green House Snail Production

We rear up to three acres of production area for snails, the biggest in Ghana and we will be doing up to 10 acres by 2025. The production area is fully automated with irrigation, pest control, feeding and temperature detection.

Our Free range can house up to a million snails and over. We are the go-to people for the construction of open field snail production hub in West Africa.

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Agro Empire with this project wing aims to supply at least 1,500 litres of snail slime and freeze-dried snail slime every year to its clients and partners worldwide. Our state-of-the-art snail slime processing facility makes use of hygienic procedures and best practices to extract the slime from the snails on site and the snails of partner small holder farmers.

The Snail Kingdom

It is the largest snail rearing site in Ghana and aims to increase year after year to become the biggest in Africa. This site produces up to 1 million snails annually.


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We are a trusted band that delivers on the most organic and healthy snail options on the Ghanaian market

My experience with Agro Empire is one i will like to share. I am a snail lover yet i haven’t patronized snail traders in Accra ever since i left my village. after cooking snails i  purchased from Agro empire.. i felt like  was home. Healthy and delicious snails. 

Our relationship with Empire Snails keeps getting stronger as we remain in the business of customer loyalty,  providing healthier food options for Ghanaians